Save Time: 3 Easy Productivity Tips For Anyone

Let’s face it, everyone would like to become more productive.  The more we can accomplish in a certain window of time the more we free up our time to spend on activities of our choice.  I’ve personally followed the tips below for 4 months and I’ve seen amazing results.

Write Down Your Daily Goals

Write down your goals for the day to come every morning or every night.  You can use an app for this or you can physically write them down on a piece of paper or sticky note (my preference).  Make sure to set SMART goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

Cross your tasks off the list as you finish them and feel your productivity momentum build.  This is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable for accomplishing tasks.  Just this small routine adjustment can go a long way.

Handle Your Most Important Task(s) First

Notice the verb I’ve chosen: “handle”.  For me, this word is very powerful.  It signifies that you are confidently in control of the job at hand.  Ideally, I try to handle all of my daily goals before lunch.  Waiting until the end of the day to start a task can be tough.  You may become tired from your day and there is more opportunity to give yourself an excuse to put tasks off until later.

Regardless of when you start your tasks, make sure to tackle the most daunting item first.  Think about it…  Why do we procrastinate?   Because we dread doing that thing that’s been in the back of our mind all day.  Just get it out of the way first and it’s all downhill for the rest of the work you need to do.

Pareto’s Principle (a.k.a. the 80/20 rule)

“Observation that where a large number of factors or agents contribute to a result, the majority (about 80 percent) of the result is due to the contributions of a minority (about 20 percent) of factors or agents.”


This is a game-changer.  It can be applied to all facets of life, not just accomplishing tasks.  Identify the 20% of time that you spend on your vital tasks that produce the most value in your life.  Next, work to eliminate the trivial tasks that take up the other 80% of your time and barely produce any value.  Once eliminated, spend that new free time on the previously identified vital tasks.

These three small adjustments can transform your daily efficiency and productivity results.  Additionally, they will save you a lot of time.  Give these tips an honest try and I guarantee you’ll see results faster than you expect.

2 thoughts on “Save Time: 3 Easy Productivity Tips For Anyone

  1. Well, I think I understand most of this. I am as always very impressed with you. I will attempt to read other blogs of yours – until they get too deep for the Gramma here! Love you


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